Jumper's Artwork


Jumper Maybach

Jumper Maybach is the professional name of the artist Ben Earl Workman. His artwork is of such high quality that he’s been referred to as the Jackson Pollack of the 21st century and has been exhibited in Paris, Venice, and Dubai. What is truly amazing about Jumper’s work is the artist has no formal training. He is self-taught and learned through intense experimentation and trial and error. The result is art which celebrates how abstract painting can release a person from chains of harassment and bullying, into a world full of color and joy.

His work celebrates self-realization and how art can help bring about a greater understanding of love, peace, and acceptance. It further demonstrates how the brush and color can transform life into a positive experience and become a force for constructive social change.

Open and warm-hearted by nature, Jumper connects with a follower base that appreciates good art. He refers to his studio as his Tent, and his friends as members of his Troupe. It is all part of Jumper’s effort to make his art both a beautiful and fun experience for everyone. His art is individually serial numbered and registered to him, allowing the works to have special value as part of anyone’s collection.

Jumper Maybach's Fine Art can be purchased through www.jumpermaybach.com or Jumper Maybach Fine Art Gallery as original works of art or giclée limited artist proof (A/P) editions. A serious art collector who either purchases an original work or limited proof will have be registered at the Haus of Jumper Maybach.

The copyrighting and trademarking of the complete Jumper Maybach appearance and logos are for the intention to create a brand that promotes interest in his masterworks and well as increases the valuation of his masterworks.  Hopefully, fine art collectors will appreciate Mr. Maybach’s approach to marketing his works by becoming a member of the Haus of Jumper Maybach.

Jumper Maybach is about the man, the art, the fashion, and so much more.