Executive Producer's Take

Hello friends!  I'm David Sanford the executive producer of the autobiographical documentary the Jumper Maybach Story.  After three and a half years and a lot of hard work our film is complete.  We are now embarking on our journey of spreading Jumper's message of tolerance and peace.  As part of that effort, we are now on the film festival circuit and also participating in private screenings for charitable organizations.  I am very proud to report that we have received an Award of Merit from Impact Docs in La Jolla, California.  We have also been officially selected to screen at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Q-Fest in San Antonio next month.  We will also be participating in a charity event sponsored by the San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce.  In November, we will be screening for the Presbyterian Church here in Houston.

I will posting here regularly to update you on our journey.  I will also highlight pertinent topics as they arise.  I hope this will facilitate discussion regarding bullying and its devastating effects on our lives.

Just the other day, I was listening to talk radio and a caller mentioned that he thought bullying was actually an important part of growing up and that it made children "tougher".  Say what?  As a victim of bullying, I can tell you that I was NOT made stronger but made to feel insecure and worthless.

We would love to hear from you on this topic as well as others.  Please share our blog and website with all your friends and help us spread Jumper's message of peace and tolerance.


David Sanford, MD